Indentification Bog Walk   Leave a comment

Behind the Patriot Place complex (rt. 1, Walpole, MA) is a cranberry bog and nature trail.  Really.   Although this is no place to forage, it’s a great place to hone identification skills.  Surely the owners wouldn’t appreciate me plucking and digging.  I wouldn’t anyway.  Chances are good they use chemicals, here.  So, this will be a hands off, cameras on, walk.

Oh look, there’s some Boneset.  I love the way the leaves join at the stem.  And, look how fuzzy the stems are!

The lily pond is loaded with frogs.  For some reason I couldn’t get a single one to smile for the camera.  Snobby frogs look like lunch to me.  Kidding, just kidding (sorta).

There’s lots of seeds floating around, this time of year.

It makes me hungry thinking about all the tubers one could dig from all those lily-pads.  All we need now is a couple of turtles and we could make soup.

Oh, I’m just kidding.  Those guys are way too cute (read that as little) to eat.

And, here’s some Soapwort.  We could dig the roots to make a great, all-purpose cleaner.  And, we could use it to wash out the soup pot!

Isn’t Poke a striking beauty?  I never realized how pretty lime green and maroon are, together, until careful inspection of Pokeweed.  Please don’t eat the berries, though, they’re toxic; as is the entire plant.  It’s just as important to know which plants are harmful, as it is to know what’s safe; maybe more so.

Ahhh Indian Cucumber!  Look at those berries!

Wow, look how pretty the Milkweed is.  I wonder if the fluff would make good stuffing for toys and/or pillows?

Thanks for coming.  Walking is always Good Medicine.  See you next time.


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