Winter Autumnberry   3 comments

Any walk, in any season, will reveal the localities of future harvests.  Which makes it necessary to identify forageables in all seasons.

Without benefit of leaf or berry the Autumn-Olive, aka Autumnberry and Elaeagnus umbellata, is still easily identifiable.  Notice how several gnarly trunks emerge together, then take off in all directions, diagonally; before arching (as high as 15 ft) toward the sky to form this lovely tree-shrub.

Closer inspection of the grayish-green bark reveals the characteristic silver speckles, I am so fond of. 

The more I walk, the more I find!  Come Autumn I will know where to gather many, many gallons of delicious, super nutritious, FREE fruit.

Coincidently, when you find Autumn-Olive along the shoreline, (like these, along the Wareham River) you may also find Periwinkles; another delectable forageable, up for grabs, all year long!  But, Periwinkles are another story, best left for another post!

Thanks for walking with me, today.


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