Oh Juniper Berries   2 comments

No wonder Juniperus virginiana, is called Red Cedar; just look at it!  Any young Eastern Red Cedar will be happy to display its true color.  Please come closer and I’ll show you something amazing.

Those little blue dots are Juniper berries.  Pick a few and crush them in your palm.

Wow!  If heaven has a fragrance, this must be it!  I’m picking several handfuls, for my bath.  A decoction of Juniper berries, added to the tub, will help ease joint and muscle pain.  And, it helps me sleep better.  When I get home I’ll put the crushed berries in about a quart of water and simmer it for about 20 minutes; strain, then add it to the tub and viola’.  An aromatic, relaxing, pampering bath awaits.  Would you like to join me?

This is a Cedar Gall (Cedar Apple); which develops in wet weather.  Around here, that’s always!  The Red Cedar is an evergreen (ever red when young) and has two different types of needles, one sharp and prickly, the other scalelike, on the same tree.  They can grow to be quite tall.

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