Let’s Wildcraft Toothbrushes   Leave a comment

Just go outside and pick a twig off a Pine tree, or a Birch tree or a Sassafras tree. 

I’m using Austrian Pine and Sassafras to make my toothbrushes, today. 

Just cut a few pieces, maybe 5 or 6 inches long and strip the bark from the end.  I’ll make tea from the Pine needles, now, and later I will enjoy smoking the Sassafras bark.  An idea I got from reading another WordPress blog!  http://firstways.com/2010/10/27/smokin-sassafras-guest-post-by-consurrectionary/


  Next, split the end in quarters.  Careful, go slow and don’t cut your fingers.  But, if you do, you can rub the Pine sap on the cut, not only is it antiseptic (hence a great toothbrush) it will, also, seal the cut! 

I like to soak my toothbrushes in a little spring water; but, they are ready to use, right away. 

A sealed jar will keep my toothbrushes clean, until I’m ready to use them.  The soaking water makes wonderful mouthwash; I added a few Pine needles for extra flavor.

For Austrain Pine Identification please refer to :


For Sassafras Identification please refer to:


Thanx for stopping by.  See you soon!


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