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Foraging forces me to see things differently.  Walking is no longer just walking; it’s always an opportunity to explore, discover and learn.  What I intend to leave behind becomes just as important (maybe more so) as what I’ve come to take.  And, the view is always amazing!

I always find far more than what I’m looking for!

Sometimes, I get to give a hand.  As I did to this snapping turtle, with his head stuck between the rocks.  Do you see him?

There’s always birds singing.  Like this grey crested veteran; who sits and sings to his fallen comrades, every day.

There’s dancing trees, to visit, and light mirages to examine.

Once, I found a dinosaur; hiding behind some rocks!

There’s almost always something gorgeous blooming.

And something to say. “What are you?”, to.

Somehow I’m always reminded that I’m never far from the rat race!

Wherever the trail winds, I get fresh air, exercise and a dose of vit. D, from the sun; even when I come home empty handed!  In the next few weeks there will be violets, dandelions, chickweed, fiddleheads, morels, dryads saddle, forsythia, and lambs quarters to pick.  I am so excited!  Thanks for walking with me.  See you soon.


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