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Foraging stimulates my wonder mechanism.  There’s all forms of wonder called upon, as well.  It begins with the grand, broad wonder of it all; from creation through ecosystem, branching into genus, cellular constituents, plant and animal properties and characteristics.  I even wonder why the Creator was so benevolent as to plant Stinking John (above), right out in the open, in my face, so I would know where to look a little further back and find secretive fiddleheads (below), before they even sprout.

Often I don’t know the answers to my own questions.  So, I ask them aloud.  I read books (am a readaholic), watch videos, consult local and regional experts, and browse the internet.  I have a strict “NO TOUCH” policy, until positive identification.  Poison Ivy, Stinging Nettles and fear of phytophotodermatitis require that.  So, when an unfamiliar plant attracts me, I shoot it and take behavioral notes.  The more photos I take and the more plant characteristics I note, the easier identification becomes.

Yesterday, while hurrying home from the market, I noticed this beauty.  Although it was still sunny, it had started to drip, large drops!  Behind me the sky was dark.  Not wanting a shower or soggy groceries I snapped two shots and keep on.  I noticed a Forsythia bush, near by, in full flower; also.  Today I plan to go back, take notes on my new found wonder; and pick Forsythia flowers for syrup; as my Forsythia flower edibility challenge was a pleasant success.

Incredible; isn’t it!?!?!?!?!?

Thanx for stopping by.  See you soon.


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  1. HEY!

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