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Most edible plants have three distinct flavors.  The flower petals, the green aerial parts and the roots or rhizomes will each vary; significantly.  Flower petals are usually sweet and, well, floral!  Although, there are exceptions; as in tulip petals, which taste like beans, albeit sweetish beans!  The green flavors range from mild and spinachy to shiver inducing bitter.  And roots and rhizomes can taste similar to either, or neither!

When eating flowers I like to separate the parts.  After a good rinsing and thorough insect inspection, I let the blooms air dry on an absorbent cotton towel.  Then I turn each one over and pinch off the greens holding the petals to the stem; along with the stem. Although, this leaves a bit of green on a dandelion, it’s enough to take away most of the bitterness and leave the honey flavored petals intact in a blossom; ready to pop in my mouth, or a salad, or be dipped in tempura batter and fried.  For many other edible flowers this is all the work needed to use the petals for making tea; as with Forsythia, or Violets.

However, Dandelion requires another step, before drying; I separate the petals from their green bases, to insure the sweetest possible winter treat.

Now my dandelion petals are ready to dry; I like to air dry all my plants.  The unused parts go into the compost.  Surely an electric dehydrator can be used for some drying.  I can not give advice where mechanical means are used.  I like free, carbon free tea!  Drying times vary according to the size and thickness of the petals.  I turn them twice a day and keep them away from direct sunlight.

When these beauties are dry they will be sealed in a glass jar, in preparation for the time without flowers!

Looks delicious already!  L’chiam!

Thanx for stopping by.  See you soon.

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