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What are you doing?  Care to take a walk with me?  Let’s go see the swans and what’s to eat; and what’s NOT to eat, along the Wareham River.

That Red Maple, Acer rubrum, looks tastyful!

Be careful, there’s some Poison Ivy, Rhus radicans; last thing I want to see, or deal with.  Do Not Touch!  Please see:


Here’s some Tartarian honeysuckle, Lonicera spp.; although they look nice, those berries are NOT edible.

Wow, look at all the new growth on that Austrian Pine, Pinus nigra!  Makes me thirsty for a cup of tea!  Please see:


I think the swans are following us!

Oh my goodness, look at all the berries, on that Red Cedar,

Juniperus virginiana.  Still, green and hard they smell wonderful. Please see:


There’s a pretty patch of Wild Lettuce, Lactuca spp.  Although edible, as is, I prefer to dry Wild Lettuce for tea or smoking.

Isn’t it beautiful here?

Awe, look at the little, fuzzy, baby Wild Carrots, Daucus carota.  Yummy!

Awesome, Milk Weed, Asclepias syriaca!  The flowers and buds will come home with me to add to the stew I’m cooking, later.  Please see:




Here’s another poisonous plant, Bittersweet Nightshade, Solanum dulcamara.  Please see : https://forageporage.wordpress.com/poisonous-plants/

Wrinkled Roses, Rosa rugosa,

Multiflora Roses, Rosa spp.,

and various wild roses, abound.  Please see: https://forageporage.wordpress.com/2011/06/17/oh-rosey/

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, there’s some Sweetfern, Comptonia peregrina.  Oh, how I wish you could smell this wonderfully aromatic beauty!  Can’t wait to get some dried for tea.  Please see:


Ok, now I’m really excited!  Do you see this?!?!?!  It’s tiny, baby Autunmberries, Elaeagnus umbellata.  Please see:


What on earth is this craziness?

Wow, that’s a load of  White Sweet Clover.  The dried flowers and leaves make a lovely, vanilla-flavored, cup of tea.  Please see:


Oh good, Lady’s Thumb, I can add the leaves to my stew, also!  Please see:


What a great walk!  It’s a busy, busy, busy time of year!

Just click on any photo to enlarge; and/or click any link for a detailed description of that plant.

Thanx for stopping by.  See you soon.

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