Yarrow, A Pretty Little Powerhouse!   5 comments

Yarrow, Achillea millefolium, is a pretty little powerhouse.  It is not only a fast, effective insect bite and sting remedy, just crush and apply; its antiseptic properties make it important in healing all skin wounds and irritations.  Taken internally, as an infusion (tea) or tincture, Yarrow is a helpful remedy for fevers, to lower blood pressure, and in clearing urinary tract infections; due to its anti-catarrhal, antiseptic, astringent, diuretic, emmenagogue, hepatic, hypotensive and tonic actions. (1)  The Shakers, also, found Yarrow useful “In hemorrhages, incontinence of urine, diabetes, piles, dysentery, and flatulence.” (2)

Maybe you’ve seen it growing along the roadside, or in a vacant lot.  Maybe you’ve even cultivated your own.  Yarrow, Achillea millefolium, grows between 1 and 3 ft tall; singularly or in clumps.

The tiny,  fragrant, white to rose colored, five petal flowers, form flat-topped clusters.

With fragrant, long, narrow, lacy, fern-like leaves.

Yarrow flowers, leaves and shoots can be gathered throughout summer, into early autumn.  Dried Yarrow will go into a batch of medicinal oil I plan to make later; when all the ingredients have been gathered and dried.  Thank goodness, there’s still a bit of last year’s batch, left.  I use it for cuts, scrapes, rashes, ear aches, pimples, ingrown hairs, boils, and of course insect invasions.  I will also keep a container of dried Yarrow for medicinal tea; should any of the above mentioned needs arise.

There is an old Gypsy saying, “Winter will ask what you did in summer.”  I will tell Old Man Winter I was out playing in Gaia’s Garden!

 Remember, pick safe!


I am so grateful for this wonderful bounty.  Hey Nickety!

Just click on any photo to enlarge.

 Thanx for stopping by.  See you soon.



Element, 1996

(2) SHAKER Medicinal HERBS, Amy Bess Miller.

Storey Books, 1998


5 responses to “Yarrow, A Pretty Little Powerhouse!

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  2. Yarrow is abundant in our fields. Along with oxeye daisies, it is the most plentiful wildflower. I’m going to gather and dry some for future medicinal use. Thanks for the info.

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