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St. Johnswort, Hypericum perforatum, is another pretty little powerhouse.  Taken internally, as an infusion (tea) or tincture, St. Johnswort is a restorative nerve tonic, good for anxiety, depression, insomnia,  irritability, menopause, nervous exhaustion, sciatica and neuralgia; due to its analgesic, anti-inflammatory, astringent, restorative and sedative actions.  Used externally, in cream or oil, St. Johnswort flowers bring relief from earache, burns, neuralgia and inflammation.  “The oil is especially useful in the healing of sunburn.” (1)

Legend tells us that on the battlefields, during the Crusades, the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, used Tutsan to treat their wounds.  (2) Which is why we now call Tutsan, St. John’s Wort (wort means herb).

St. Johnswort, Hypericum perforatum, grows between 1 and 3 ft tall; singularly or in clumps.

Topped with an abundance of bright yellow, 5 petal flowers, with showy centers.

St. Johnswort’s oblong leaves form whorls

around the  Y on Y on Y shaped, smooth stems; also, notice a faint blush on the shoots and stems.

Harvest aerial parts throughout summer. Last summer I was fortunate to gather enough, whole St. Johnswort, to make a pint of tincture and enough flowers to make a pint of the lovely blood-red oil.  This year I would like to do both, again; and, hopefully, dry some for tea, as well.

 St. Johnswort is prolific in sunny fields and grows in dry, gravely soil. (3)

“CAUTION: The herb can cause dermatitis after taking it internally, then exposing the skin to the sun.  Contact dermatitis can typically be caused if pruning or gathering the plant in moist but sunny conditions.(2)

CAUTION:  St. Johnswort can interact with tricyclic antidepressants and other psychiatric medications.  ALWAYS check for drug-herb-vitamin interactions.  (4)

Remember, pick safe! L’chiam!

I am so grateful for this wonderful bounty.  Hey Nickety!

Just click any photo to enlarge.

Thanx for stopping by.  See you soon.



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(4) A-Z guide to drug-herb-vitamin interactions, Schuyler W. Lininger, Jr. DC, editor in chief

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Nothing written here is intended as medical advice; or any kind of advice, at all.  I’m not a doctor; or other health professional.  What works for me, may not work for you.  I’m simply sharing my thoughts, opinions, experiences, hard learned lessons, and love.  I disclaim any and all liability resulting from the use of, collection of, preparation of, ingestion of, reaction to or contact with, any plant written about here; or anywhere else.  Use great caution when hunting, collecting, preparing and eating any wild food for the first time.  Make certain of your identification.  You, and you alone, are responsible for what you collect, prepare and consume; and for whatever consequences that may result.  Anyone can have an allergic reaction to any food, at any time.  Use common sense, go slow, do the research, check and double-check, and then check again, then proceed with extreme caution.  One mistake could cost your life; or worse, someone else’s life.  Know the laws where you intend to forage.  Whenever appropriate get permission.  Check public records for area pesticide spraying programs.  Never harvest right after spraying.  Find out if and when it will be safe.


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