3 Plants to Ponder   2 comments

Walking along the river, I noticed these little beauties, peeking out from under a canopy of lushness.

Aren’t they fabulous?!?!  I’ve rummaged my books; and haven’t found anything that looks like them.  So, its off to the library, to do further research.

That’s my first whatzit project.  This is my next:

No, that’s not white paint on whatzit #2! 


Isn’t Nature stunning!

Whatzit #3 has been tentatively identified as Whorled Loosestrife; although it doesn’t exactly fit Peterson’s height description.  But, the again, most plants start out small!  More research is required.

 Remember, identification, identification, identification!

Just click on any photo to enlarge.

Thanx for stopping by.  See you soon.

Bye Periwinkle!


2 responses to “3 Plants to Ponder

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  1. Your first plant looks like Catalpa. It is just finishing up flowering here in NH. A lot of the trees are still in bloom, but the blossoms are dropping like flies now. It flowers for only a couple of weeks, so the calendar agrees with my diagnosis.

    I’ve never seen your second specimen.

    The third one is most definitely whorled loosestrife (Lysimachia quadrifolia). I have it in spades at my place, and have seen its height vary from 6-24″.

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