Strung Out!   2 comments

It began innocently enough.  Each day its good to turn all drying plant material; twice.  This morning, while turning a plate full of rose buds, I had a “what if” moment.  What if you string rosebuds?  Oh, my word, think of the possibilities!

So, I busted out a needle and some cotton embroidery floss; and went at it!

Before long, everything was spiraling out of control! 

And, now, I’m all strung out of rosebuds!  Time to go and gather more.

Be careful, there’s a lot of Poison Sumac growing around those roses.   Please see:

I ALWAYS shower, as soon as I come in from gathering.  Showering not only helps eliminate the possibility of dermatitis from contact with poison plants; it also serves as tick – check – time!

While picking, I suddenly caught of whiff of skunk; and froze!  Out of the corner of my eye, there was a scurrying through the brush; not 15 feet away, but, I didn’t get a good look.  Since the stench disappeared, with the scurrying, I continued to pick.  I’m so very grateful he wasn’t bothered by my presence.  That could have been nasty!

I’ve got all kinds of strung-out rosebud ideas percolating.  It gives me something to ponder while I pick these all apart; and that will take most of the rest of the afternoon!


Looks like I’ve got my work cut out!  I love sitting and picking at my harvest.  The buds go in a bowl to the side, while I pick the petals from each blossom, and remove any hitch hikes, to a jar on the other side.  When that’s finished the hitch hikers get to go back outside and I return to snip the stems from the buds.  Then, I’ll be ready to get crafty; again.

Just click on any photo to enlarge.

Thanx for stopping by.  See you soon.


2 responses to “Strung Out!

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  1. They are amazing!! can’t wait to be a part of it!!

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