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Liliaceae is a genus of about 110 species which make up the lily family.

A common crop in the orient, Daylily buds are sold as “golden needles” and are a popular soup ingredient.

Lily shoots, tubers, buds and flowers are all edible.  The only inedible part of the plant is the root.

The flavor of  lilies varies from plant to plant, location to location and color to color.

A wonderful recipe for Daylily Tuber Hushpuppies can be found in “The Neighborhood Forager” by Robert K. Henderson.

Whole flowers can be stuffed with salad to make a magnificent picnic platter.

And Lilies also make a great centerpiece!

Some species of true lillies are grown and harvested for the edible bulbs.  Several other plants exist with “lily” in their common name, which are not related to the true lilies; as in lily-of-the-valley and atamasco lily.

From:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lily

Many varieties of lily are extremely toxic to cats, causing acute renal failure even in small amounts. This is particularly true in the case of Easter lily plants, though other Lilium and the related Hemerocallis can also cause the same symptoms in cats.

Even if you don’t eat them, lilies are a feast for the eyes!

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For more lillies please visit: https://forageporage.wordpress.com/2011/07/27/high-lily/


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