Orbs, a Phenomenon of Light   8 comments

Simply put, Orbs are a phenomenon of light; and/or, the absence of light. Most folks strongly believe they are more than that.  Are Orbs Otherworldly visitors, backscatter, dust, moisture, there, not there, near-camera reflections, or faked?  These questions are not my concern; although, I do have my own opinion!  Honestly, I don’t care WHAT Orbs are; I care THAT they are.  Whatever they are, or, are not, Orbs make me happy. 


Whenever I see Orbs, it is a sign, to me, that I am well, in that instant, connected and right in the Universe, much like when a butterfly comes and flits around a flower, which I am already photographing, or when an unfamiliar child tugs on my sleeve, in town, and looks up at me, smiling.


It’s interesting that Wikipedia defines Orbs as: “The term orb describes unexpected, typically circular artifacts that occur in flash photography.”  Well, then, what do I call them when I see them with my eyes?  Certainly hallucinations will not do.  Otherwise my camera is, also, hallucinating! 


More than likely you have seen Orbs with your own eyes; maybe in the rear view mirror as the sun sets behind you, maybe when you rubbed your eyes too hard, for too long, maybe in white-out conditions, maybe, out of the corner of your eye, in the basement! 


Also, Orbs are not entirely unexpected, in my experience.  Although unpredictable, Orbs do have their own times and places of manifesting.  The in-between times and places are fraught with Orbs.  When light and dark join and become fractured, Orbs happen.


Early in the morning, as the sun peeks over and through the trees, is my favorite Orb foraging time.  I love to mosey out on the third floor balcony with a cup of coffee and a smoke, to visit Orblandia.  If the theory that Orbs are manifestations of Spirit is true; than my yard is definitely occupied!  Which makes me feel phenomenally light.  And, I am most grateful.


Just click on any photo to enlarge for greater detail.

Thanx for stopping by, See you next time!


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8 responses to “Orbs, a Phenomenon of Light

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  1. I feel the spirits of the land, but do not see the orbs … wonder what that means!

  2. Fantastic images, some really stunning ones here. I’m not sure what orbs are, maybe they are dust, insects or even spirits, if this makes someone feel comforted then I think that you can believe what you want to believe. At the end of the day I think we can all agree though that they do make for stunning images.

    Thanks for sharing

  3. Wow, beautiful pictures, I know how inspiring they are, please check out mine too http://siannaphey.wordpress.com/2012/04/24/great-orbs-of-light/

    Love and Light to you

  4. I Think that Orbs related to the concept of cosmic consciousness in Sanskrit call Mahat, its mean that God covering all of the world and also He penetrate into the core of particle of atom. So, maybe, the phenomena of Orbs toward us to believe God whoever His name. Regard to you all.

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