I’ve learned an awesome magic trick.   It’s a presto-chango, now you see it, now you don’t, slight-of-hand, very powerful, kind of magic trick.  Would you like to see it?  Yes, oh good.  Please watch closely.

Now you see litter.

Now you don’t!

Pretty awesome, right?  Would you like to see it again?  Yes, let’s do it!  Watch, real close, I’ll go slower, this time.  Ok, ready?  Watch this!

Now. . .you. . .see. . .litter.

Now, you don’t! 

Did you catch it, that time?  I performed, both of, these tricks along the Wareham River, over by the old Tremont Nail Factory.  Foraging along the river would be a whole lot safer, if the trash wasn’t here.  So, I learned this trick.  Maybe it will be safe for my grandchildren.  Or, for yours.

Pretty AWESOME, right?!?!?!?!

And, it’s really simple.  A few tools, are helpful; although, in a pinch, every handful of litter, gone, makes this a better world.

I like to use several tools. 

Dave, the rolling dumpster, is a 50 gallon, fortress of acceptance!  I hang a 30 gallon trash bag, inside, from the rake handle; so, litter can go in the bag, and recyclables go straight in the can.  On the outside of the can, also, hung from the rake handle, I have a foraging cloth bag, (not shown in photo) complete with, paper bags, leather gloves, a claw and trowel, garden sheers, several other folded cloth bags, and an empty 32 oz yogurt container and lid, ready for toxic insanity; such as hypodermic needles, and condoms.

The “Grabber”, lying across the top of the can, is an absolute must, and a fabulous back saver!

Little Reachy Rake, goes way back into the beyond; leaving no trash unclaimed!

I, also, wear my deer-skin foraging apron, to keep undesirable muck, grime, and the like, off of myself.  There are pockets for my camera, gloves, Swiss Army Knife, notebook, guides and whatnot.  It adds to the flair of the trick!

Perhaps, the most important tool, is gloves.  Protective gloves are best, leather and Kevlar, both, work well.  Rubber or surgical gloves are helpful, however, they offer no protection from broken glass or other frequently found, sharp objects.  NEVER, never, pick up hypodermic needles or condoms with your hands.  Hep C lives outside of the human body for weeks.  I use the grabber to transfer dangerous materials into a safe container; and dispose responsibly.  Many hospitals happily take the find.

You don’t needs any of these tools;  they just make the trick easier.  All you need is your hands, gloves (which fit nicely into the glove box!) and a minute.  Or 2 minutes and a grocery bag.  Really, that’s all it takes.  Please, do try it; feel the power of magic.  I hope you love doing this awesome magic trick; as much as I do!

Thanx for stopping by.  See you next time!


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  1. I was stunned, amazed and amused. You have to teach that to David Copperfield, Gallagher, Uri Geller and other magicians so they can do this trick worldwide.

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