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Yes, Forsythia is, already, in bloom; a month sooner than last year.  Early seems to be a trend, this season!  After two weeks of above average temps, it’s really, no surprise.  Forsythia is the common name for any member of the small genus Forsythia (which is also its Latin/scientific name) of the family Oleaceae (olive); and the bright, prolific, yellow flowers are, indeed, edible.


Even before the leaves emerge from tight buds; Forsythia blossoms beckon us outdoors.  Forsythia tea is my first, fresh, floral cup of spring.  Just pick a handful of flowers, snip off the stem and green calyx (the undergreens), rinse, and crush, by rolling between your hands.  Pour 6-8 oz. boiling water over the crushed flowers and let steep, for 10 minutes.  Do NOT strain, the flowers are still edible!  Add ½ teaspoon molasses and I’m in heaven.  L’chiam!


Thanx for stopping by.  See you next time!


For more fun with Forsythia, please click here:

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