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It’s Milkweed time, again!

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The Shakers found Milkweed, “Valuable in amenorrhea, dropsy, retention of urine, dyspepsia, asthma, and scrofulous diseases.” (1)  I could not find another reference to milkweed being used medicinally and am going to venture to guess that the milky sap (most likely, the sought after, source of alkaloids) was ineffective and/or too toxic for safety.

Oxford American Dictionary sees Milkweed to be, “any of several wild plants with milky juice.” (2) How confusing is that!?!?! Note to self: do not look up plants in the dictionary!

Milkweed’s, Asclepias syriaca, little pea-shaped buds; and  the yummy flowers are easy to find, collect and process.  Many folks eat young  Milkweed shoots (meristems).  I do not; for several reasons.  In the Spring, when shoots are shooting, there are MANY shoots, shooting.  Many of the new shoots look identical to other, toxic shoots.  Most of the identifiable features are in rapid transition.  Sometimes…

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