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Sweetfern Is Up!

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My Mother always said, “There’s nothing like a good cup of tea!”  Being, most certainly, my Mother’s daughter, I drink a lot of tea.  My cabinet is full of jars of, wild harvested teas; Goldenrod, Wild Carrot Seed, Cleavers, Red Clover, Dandelion, Wild Lettuce and Sumac are among my daily favorites.  Last week I found Sweetfern; and am pleased to be drying some to add to my tea stash.


Comptonia peregrine, Sweetfern isn’t actually a fern, at all, it’s a short bush, from about a foot to 4 feet tall, or so; around here; although it is reported to grow to 5 feet.  (!!Bring me a schrubbery!!)


Sweetfern leaves, very much resemble fern leaves; hence the name.  Crush the leaves and enjoy their highly aromatic splendor.

 Sweetfern can be found from, Manitoba to Nova Scotia, south to Minn., ne. Ill., nw. Ind., Ohio, W.Va., and Va.; in mtns. To…

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