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It’s Sassafras time. . . oh, the smell of it!

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If you like New Orleans style File’ Gumbo, you’re going to enjoy homemade File’ Powder.  It’s fun, easy, quick, soooooo delightfully fragrant and wonderfully tasty!  File’ is a key seasoning and thickening ingredient in Cajun and Creole cooking. Its characteristic woodsy flavor is reminiscent of root beer; the olive-green powder is made from dried, pulverized leaves of the  Sassafras albidum, tree, which can be found throughout much of the Eastern U.S.

 Sassafras means green twig; hence the name.   I love to snap off a young (meristem) twig, to chew, while I gather leaves.  It makes a grand, natural, organic, delicious, free toothbrush and breath freshener.

Sassafras flowers bloom in April; while the leaves are still tiny.

 Mature trees grow between 10 and 50 feet, turn reddish to brown, and become grooved.

The leaves can be gathered throughout the Spring and most of the Summer months; until they begin to turn.

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