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Gathering Lady’s thumb, whenever the sunshines!

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You see Lady’s-thumb everywhere.  At least I do!  Coming up through sidewalks, lining roadsides, settling in vacant lots, and filling fields; there’s a whole lot of FREE nutrition and eating enjoyment going by the wayside.  Around here Lady’s-thumb is nutts!  I could gather pound after pound; day after day; and no one would even notice.

Lady’s-thumb, Polygonum persicaria, a perennial, in the Knotweed – Smartweed family; is an upright to sprawling beauty, which grows from 1-2 ft. high,

has narrow, lancet-shaped leaves, from 2–10 inches long. The leaves often have a brown or black spot; which someone, somewhere, for some reason, decided looks like a woman’s thumb print, hence the name, Lady’s-thumb.

The white, pink and/or red flowers are arranged in dense, spiked clusters and bloom from early summer to late autumn.

Lady’s-Thumb stalks have slightly enlarged joints, encased in papery sheaths.

Older stalks and leaves become reddish as summer moseys along.


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