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Yellow Wood Sorrel, free for the pickin’!

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Yellow Wood Sorrel, Oxalis stricta, aka, Shamrocks, is one of my favorite plants (do I say that about a lot of plants!?!?). This tasty treat does not mind being potted, to keep near the kitchen, for convenience.  You can mow it, trample it, some folks even poison it; and this seemingly, delicate beauty will come back.  It’s so easy to find, identify and remember, once you know its delightful characteristics; in fact, it is one of the many, “OH, that stuff!”, plants. Yellow Wood Sorrel has a long harvesting season, from mid Spring to mid Fall; is everywhere, in sun, shade, sand, good soil or poor, and, grows. . . .well. . . like a weed!

The stricta, half of it’s scientific name, means “upright” and speaks to several of Yellow Wood Sorrel’s characteristics; as the stalks grow at a 90ish degree angle from the main stalk and the…

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