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Although some Autumnberries, Elaeagnus umbellata, are still yellow and orange, and not fully ripe; there’s plenty, juicy, fat, red berries!

 Just find an Autumn Olive schrub with red berries and you’re in!  It’s a good idea to taste a berry or two, from each bush, before picking.  They don’t all ripen at the exact same time.  This weeks super tart berrys will be next weeks ripe, yummy berries.

I like to use old water jugs for gathering.  Just cut open the tops and you have a free, recycled, reusable, handy container; which can be fastened to your belt, for two handed pickin’.

 For a detailed discription of Autumn Olive, Elaeagnus umbellata, please see:


Last year I picked 6 gallons of Autumnberries.  About half got processed into puree and juice; to be frozen for later use.  The rest were eaten fresh; or the whole berries were bagged and frozen.  The puree is fabulous; as is, or…

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