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A GREAT reblog from Berlin Plants! Thank you SO much!

Berlin Plants: Reading History in the Green Spaces of the City

The parsley family presents a formidable challenge for the urban forager. As a large family of typically aromatic plants, it contains many herbs such as cilantro, fennel, and lovage – all of which complement and enhance routine culinary experiences. Yet, nefarious members like hemlock (Conium spp.) or water hemlock (Cicuta spp.) contain powerful neurotoxins that can be deadly even in small doses. In Berlin, a cursory look around any green area is likely to yield a member of the parsely family – its distinguishing umbels being an easy tell-tale sign. However, for the inexperienced (and sometimes experienced) observer, the exact determination of the species can be difficult. In fact, proponents of cautious foraging philosophies often do away with the whole family, but instead of excessive caution we believe that better plant identification skills are warranted. In practice, this means relying on an established botanical key which unfortunately is a lot…

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