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Dandytime! YES!

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Nothing says spring like the first, tall glass of iced Liquid Sunshine, Dandelion tea.  As if it’s delightful, honey, floral flavor weren’t enough, Dandelion,Taraxacum officinale, tea is very beneficial.


“The name of the genus, Taraxacum, is derived from the Greek taraxos (disorder), and akos (remedy), on account of the curative action of the plant. A possible alternative derivation of Taraxacum is suggested in, “The Treasury of Botany: ‘The generic name is possibly derived from the Greek taraxo (“I have excited” or “caused”) and achos (pain), in allusion to the medicinal effects of the plant. The use of this tea is efficacious in bilious affections, and is also much approved of in the treatment of dropsy.” (1) 

And, its delicious!


While all parts are edible, Dandelion flowers are my favorite.  Truth is, I don’t care for the greens; much, at all!  There, I’ve said…

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