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What is green, full of beneficial phytochemicals, helps clear toxins from the body, boosts immunity, relieves inflammation, makes hair and skin radiant, tastes wonderful and packs a zing?

Give up?  Can’t touch this!

 Some years ago, while walking the Old Mill Trail in Hinsdale, MA, with my daughter, we came upon a patch of a somewhat familiar looking plant.  Although neither of us could immediately identify them, we both felt like we recognized what it was, yet could not pull up the name.  Walking closer, I reached out saying, “It’s. . . .um. . .maybe. . .” and as I touched a leaf, I sang out, loudly, “STINGING NETTLES!”  We both laughed, realizing that is NOT the way to identify a plant, no matter what you think it is!  Since then, I have not touched another plant, no matter what I “think” it is, until I am absolutely certain of…

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