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Violet leaves can be eaten fresh in salad; as a cooked green, as a soup thickener, or dried for tea or tincturing.  Violet flowers can be eaten fresh, candied, frozen in ice cubes, made into jam or dried for tea or tincturing.

These beauties were destined for a bottle of good vodka; to make violet extract/tincture.  I use the tincture to flavor drinks, cakes, cookies and muffins; as well as medicinally, as a tonic.  “Viola odorata  has long been used for coughs, skin conditions, rheumatism, urinary problems and as an anti-cancer herb” (1), making it ideal for me.  I squirt about 4mls tincture into a cup of tea, every day.  And, it’s yummy!  This year I’m looking forward to making violet jam with the recipe from Blanche Cybele Derby’s DVD“Edible plants: Wild + Tame” (Spring)”. (2) 

To make this tincture I combined 8 ounces of…

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