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I practice, believe in and endorse foraging.  I hope everyone will forage; at least something, sometime. Foraging is far safer than many activities we engage in on a daily basis.  After my family, foraging is the best thing to happen to me.  Every day my knowledge grows and I grow more whole and healthy.  As I gain confidence in the field I feel better in my own skin, and in life itself.  The joy of discovery is infectious.  The satisfaction of sipping a cup of foraged tea, or munching wild berries out of my freezer in January, or sharing foraged bounty is immense.  I wish all of this for you.  All the photos here were taken by me.  My research is thorough, and I stand behind it.  Please be thorough, also, be careful and go enjoy yourself!  L’chiam! 

Nothing written here is intended as medical advice; or any kind of advice, at all.  I’m not a doctor; or other health professional.  What works for me, may not work for you.  I’m simply sharing my thoughts, opinions, experiences, hard learned lessons, and love.  I disclaim any and all liability resulting from the use of, collection of, preparation of, ingestion of, reaction to or contact with, any plant written about here; or anywhere else.  Use great caution when hunting, collecting, preparing and eating any wild food for the first time.  Make certain of your identification.  You, and you alone, are responsible for what you collect, prepare and consume; and for whatever consequences that may result.  Anyone can have an allergic reaction to any food, at any time.  Use common sense, go slow, do the research, check and double-check, and then check again, then proceed with extreme caution.  One mistake could cost your life; or worse, someone else’s life.  Know the laws where you intend to forage.  Whenever appropriate get permission.  Check public records for area pesticide spraying programs.  Never harvest right after spraying.  Find out if and when it will be safe.

Posted September 27, 2010 by forageporage

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