Rockin’ with Mr. Happy   Leave a comment

Many years ago I was taking a “mad” walk.  When I’m upset, walking helps me unwind myself and whatever it is that’s bothering me.  This particular walk I was really mad; kicking the toes of my shoes into the ground with each step.  Of course I was looking down.  And, there he was; just staring back at me, all mad faced.  I laughed, and laughed, until what I was mad about faded.  So, Mr. Happy came home with me; the first in an avalanche of rockery.  He travels with me.  He sleeps near me; as do many, many other geological friends.  Mr. Happy will peek out from time to time to remind me that no matter how pissed off I get, there is always something to smile about.  Right, Mr. Happy?!?!?!?!


Posted March 13, 2011 by forageporage

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